Good savings, security and investment sense.

How we spend and secure and track our savings is constantly changing – and finding best practices can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Sovita Credit Union sources the most pertinent financial education to protect and grow your life’s work.

Building a basic budget.

Budgeting is the best way to begin your journey to financial well-being. Use this worksheet to track the amount of money you have coming in each month and review where it is spent.

Relieving debt pressure.

Most people have some sort of personal debt. Whether you are paying for a home, a vehicle, a credit card or any other personal expense, it can feel overwhelming at times. Sovita is committed to helping you find ways to pay off personal debt and save money.

Review this Personal Debt Inventory worksheet and contact a Sovita Credit Union Representative today at (800) 369-2786, (810) 720-8300 or (810) 664-5351. You can also visit any branch to learn more.

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Who can be a Sovita member?

Education and healthcare employees – and their immediate families – who live in the State of Michigan.

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