Turn planning into living.

Sovita offers a suite of flexible savings and investment tools that grow your earnings and minimize fees. We have services fit for every age and stage – from one-time savings goals to retirement plans.

Club Accounts.

Set aside funds for specific goals without the hassle of managing multiple account numbers.

Club accounts are opened under your existing Regular Share Savings Account number and distinguished on your monthly account statement by a separate identifier.

Apply today at any credit union office or call a Member Services Representative at (800) 369-2786, (810) 720-8300 or (810) 664-5351.

Your savings are insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA), an agency of the federal government. The dividends you earn on these accounts are declared quarterly and may be 0%.

Christmas Club.

Satisfy holiday expenses over a more generous period of time. You can make deposits as needed or set aside a dedicated amount from the direct deposit of your paycheck, retirement or Social Security. Your accumulated funds and dividends are available for holiday spending by transferring to your Share Draft Checking Account or via withdrawal at one of our branch offices. 

Super Club.

Save for a vacation, tuition, home improvement and more. Funds may be transferred to or from your Regular Share Savings Account or Share Draft Checking Account, and withdrawals may be made at any time.

Summer Check Club.

Accumulate funds during the school year to pay yourself during the months of July and August. Prior to the end of the school year, you determine how your funds are distributed in July and August by transferring the funds you need to your Share Draft Checking Account as needed or by recurring transfer using A+COMUTE online banking.  Funds are also available to withdraw as needed at one of our branch offices. 



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Who can be a Sovita member?

Education and healthcare employees – and their immediate families – who live in the State of Michigan.

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