Lifting your life’s work.

Sovita means the life of the community because we embody and serve the life of the community. Along with low interest rates and flexible terms on loans, higher dividends on savings and low or no fees for products, you get a suite of member services.

Automatic Transfers

Schedule a transfer from one of your accounts to make a loan payment, VISA® credit card payment or to transfer funds between regular share, club or share draft checking accounts. Just choose the date(s) for every month.

Credit Union Checks.

Funds can be withdrawn from your account in the form of a credit union check. Requests can be made via telephone, A+COMPUTE® online banking, the A+CALL® telephone transfer system or at any Sovita office.

Direct Deposit.

Request your paycheck, retirement benefits, Social Security or other ACH deposit to deposit directly to your account each payday or month. The funds to be deposited directly to your account can be divided between your share, club and share draft checking account or to make a loan payment. Funds can also be deposited into another family member's account(s) or used to make a family member’s loan payment through a family transfer.

First Class.

When you sign up for direct deposit of your net paycheck, you automatically become a member of our First Class program. You receive printed drafts/checks at no charge and the annual fee on your Sovita VISA® credit card is waived. You may also apply to increase your ATM card daily withdrawal limit.

Money Orders.

An alternative to writing a check for payment of funds. Money Orders can be purchased at any teller window for any amount up to $999.99. (Not available at the Lapeer Office.)

Notary Service.

A notary public verifies/witnesses signatures on legal documents. All documents that require notarization must be signed in the presence of the notary. Notary services are available at any Sovita office.

Postage Stamps.

Books of 20 postage stamps can be purchased at any teller window.

Relay Service.

A relay employee (middle person) communicates with a member by teletype or teleprinter and Sovita by phone as an interpreter.

Safe Deposit Boxes.

Available to rent at the Main Office and Regency Park Branch. For your convenience, we offer four sizes of boxes. The annual rental fee is automatically deducted from your regular share savings account on January 15th.

Senior Class.

When you sign up for direct deposit of your Social Security retirement benefits, retirement and/or pension check, you automatically become a member of our Senior Class. You receive printed drafts/checks at no charge and the annual fee on your Sovita VISA® credit card is waived.

Signature Guarantee.

Available at the Main Office (4411 Calkins Road). A verification/witness of signatures that is required when a member transfers securities (stock, bonds, etc.) with a value of $500,000 or less.

VISA® Gift Cards.

May be purchased for any amount between $10 and $1,000 and can be used anywhere VISA® debit cards are accepted.

Wire Transfers.

Automatic transfer of funds to and/or from other participating financial institutions via the Federal Reserve Bank's Funds Transfer Network. For same day service, information must be received by Sovita before 3:30 p.m. for International Wires and before 4:30 p.m. for Domestic Wires.

A+CALL Telephone Transaction System.

Use the A+CALL® Telephone Transaction System from any Touch-Tone telephone, including cellular phones, to securely access your account. Login with your selected Personal Identification Number (PIN) to review transactions, check balances and make transfers or payments between your accounts. Contact a Member Services Representative for enrollment information.



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Who can be a Sovita member?

Education and healthcare employees – and their immediate families – who live in the State of Michigan.

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